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As many an introduction to security themed web sites tell us, “we live in an uncertain world....”. It is true. Crime, terrorism and other threats to individuals, organisations and their assets are ever present, constantly evolving and require a specialist response. The commercially recognised security companies provide the bulk resource of manned guarding and associated services. But they don’t have niche, seasonal and specialist operatives on their full time establishment. If you need 40 uniformed guards 365 days a year, for a large office building in the city, give them a call. If you need the specialist services they don’t have, short term, at short notice, call us.

PEBA saw its formal inception in the summer of 2000. Initially, our Associates were ex full time security managers with additional backgrounds in the Police and HM Forces. Having gained a wealth of experience in the manned guarding industry and associated fields. Disappointed with the overwhelming emphasis on financial targets and resource management at the expense of quality security services. Now, our Security Advisors are selected from a reliable and proven Service background. Everyone is considered for his or her specialist security skills, presentation and professionalism. PEBA LTD management knows all operatives personally and professionally. We only take an assignment where we are totally sure of providing an absolute professional service. We only specialise in a select range of fields, despite the abundance of opportunities in the marketplace. Our operatives have all taken a most serious interest in the security industry with specialised training and membership of recognised professional organisations including ASIS, and IoTA.

Not to be the biggest but the best, in our business we put quality before quantity. With a sincere passion for providing the finest possible protective services.